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Smack, IRC & Cruiser Events - Entry £10

Saturday 24th August 2024
Low Water: 10.10   |   High Water: 16.15

01. Handicap for IRC 2021 Rates Sports Boats for The John Wood Challenge Cup

Class Flag ‘A’   |   Start 11.00

02. Handicap for Class 2 Smacks and Bawleys for The Bobby Stoker Challenge Cup

Class Flag ‘B’   |   Start 11.10

03. Handicap for Classic Yachts* – ‘Fast Division’ for The Riis Trophy

Class Flag ‘C’   |   Start 11.20

04. Handicap for Classic Yachts* – ‘Slow Division’ for The J R Crouch Coronation Challenge Cup

Class Flag ‘D’   |   Start 11.30

05. Handicap for White Sail Cruisers for The Gowen Plate

Class Flag ‘E’   |   Start 11.40

06. National Sonata O.D Class for The Sadler Trophy

Class Flag ‘F’   |   Start 11.50

07. Handicap for ‘Fast’ LH Cruisers for The Lewis Powell Challenge Cup

Class Flag ‘G’   |   Start 12.00

Online Entries will be open 1st June 2024

Smack, IRC & Cruiser Fleets: Closing date for entries was 1900 hours on Saturday 12th August.

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