..........WEST MERSEA

......Saturday 26th August 2017

The Watersports events get underway in the afternoon with a variety of Rowing and sculling Races, an Outboard Motor Balloon Race and a Swimming Race. The final event is 'Walking The Greasy Pole' which is rigged over the side of the Thames Barge Committee Boat.
Entries for the Watersports are free and entering is not required - just be on the start line in a suitable boat for the event. Full details of all races are printed in the Regatta Programme, on sale in many local shops.


On Friday afternoon the Thames sailing barge 'Kitty' was guided into its central position in front of the town hard by Peter Clarke's boatyard team, providing the Committee Boat for the Regatta.

The weather this year was dreadful, blowing a gale and very rough in the Watersports race area.

All races were run, however the tough conditions made rowing and sculling to windward against the tide very hard going.

Due to the strong onshore wind the fireworks had to be cancelled.

Photos by Martin Wade

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